How to Send a Gift Voucher to a Customer through OpenCart?

Posted by AlexDobson on September 4, 2020

Loyal clients are what makes companies tick and keeps them going. Making sure they are happy is imperative! Something that is a nice little gesture to show your appreciation is sending them a gift voucher either on their birthday or at Christmas. Luckily OpenCart has a function in the Admin section that allows you to do just that. 

So this is how you go about doing this:

1) Firstly on the OpenCart Admin Dashboard you click on Sales> Gift Vouchers> Gift Vouchers.


2) Next you click on 'Add New' to create the new Gift Voucher.


3) Fill in the required information and then click save on the top right of the page.


4) Once you have filled in the required information and clicked save. It takes you back to the Gift Voucher landing page. In order to send the voucher to your customer, you click on the voucher you wish to send and click the send button.


5) Then your customer will receive an email like the one below with the gift voucher and highlighting how you can redeem it.

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