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Posted by Paul on June 29, 2012

What is SEO Toaster?
SEO Toaster is a relatively new ecommerce platform that includes a B2B quote engine. It's built from the ground up with SEO in mind at every stage. 

Why is it good?
It's designed to be easy to use by using front-end inline editing to modify the page content. It recognises the need for ecommerce platforms to have better CMS functionality out of the box. Often a platform is an excellent CMS like Concrete5 or an excellent shopping cart like OpenCart but a plugin is often needed to get both in one system. According to the website, SEO Toaster aims to do both very well.

What are the problems?
Well firstly, while I've been able to test the CMS functionality, neither the demo on the website nor at seem to have the ecommerce functionality enabled, so it's hard to say how good this is.

Also SEO Toaster is very new and hasn't had a chance to build much of a community, which can be very important for help, support and modules.

Looks promising and one to keep an eye on but more investigation is needed.

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