Speed-Up Ecommerce Websites with a CDN

Posted by Paul on June 24, 2015

You may have heard people talking about CDNs. You may not have. But essentially what you need to know is that they can very quickly, easily and cheaply, increase your Google ranking, conversions and therefore sales.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is a way to take some of the load off your web server and put it on to servers that are closer to your customers. It'll reduce your bandwidth usage and speed up your site significantly, which Google and your customers will love.

Sounds great but you may not want to go through the palaver of moving hosts, you're just too busy and don't really fancy the chance of downtime.

So have a look at CloudFlare. With just some quick changes to your domain name, you can start taking advantage of a CDN with all the benefits (faster site, better SEO, happier customers, more sales) in around 5 minutes.

As always, let us know how you get on in the comments!

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