One simple way to speed up your OpenCart Store

Posted by AlexDobson on August 20, 2019

The speed of your site is one of the key components to the successful running of your site. The general rule of thumb is that a site should load within 5 seconds (at least) of a customer clicking on the link. It is also said that between 5-10 seconds a customer will exit your site if it has not already loaded and move onto a competitor's site.

So within those precious seconds of load time you may either gain a customer or lose a customer. Thus this is why it is so key to have a site that is up to speed (excuse the pun).

One simple way of improving your site speed is using the extension NitroPack Cache. Yes it is quite steeply priced at $139.99 but it is a worthwhile investment. If it is the difference between a customer visiting your site or going a competitor, then you will see the ROI quickly.

A real beneift of NitroPack is that it is compatible with versions from 1.5.4 through to and it is easy to integrate for OpenCart developers like ourselves. This means that you will be able to see your page score rise relatively quickly. A way to check your page score is through PageSpeed Insights and this gives you your website score out of 100 for both your desktop and mobile sites.

If you would like us to install the NitroPack extension then you can simply purchase it from the OpenCart Store and then we can install it for you.

NB It is always a good idea to check your page speed before and after the extension has been installed so you can see the difference.

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