The big question- Amazon vs eBay

Posted by AlexDobson on October 27, 2018

The big question- Amazon vs eBay

Now I am big into my sport so I will use this analogy for the Amazon vs eBay showdown! In sporting terms this is Mayweather vs Pacquiao, McGregor vs Khabib, Rangers vs Celtic, Leinster V Munster, you get the idea. To sort this debate once and for all I have detailed the pros and cons of each site to see who comes out on top:

So let's start with pros of Amazon-

  • The interface is much more user friendly and interactive with customers.

  • Amazon reviews are very helpful when choosing to buy a product.

  • Amazon Prime gives customers an added advantage including Prime Video gives users the experience of a Netflix type product and second day delivery.

  • Amazon lockers are dotted around shopping centres.


  • Monthly fee for listing your products and others fees are included when you make a sale of over 40 items per month ($39.99). If you sell fewer than 40 items a month then you pay $0.99 per item.

  • The searches are very open-ended which if you are not sure of what you are buying is good but if you are looking for something specific then it can be hard to pinpoint exact products.

  • Amazon International delivery is very much based on which courier is being used for that delivery. You could end up with anyone of the following CitySprint, DHL, DPD, Hermes, UPS or Yodel.    

Now onto the pros of eBay-

  • Have an auction part of the site which is a useful addition that Amazon do not have.

  • Good marketplace for businesses and can be used as an add on to your own website.

  • Task bar at the top of the landing page shows more options to go straight to a sector.

  • They do not sell their own products so all they see is third party sellers which means they are never competing with their sellers unlike Amazon.

  • When buying imported goods, it can be more cost effective to shop on eBay (for certain products).


  • You pay a fee per listing ($0.10) but you get a fixed amount of ‘free listings’ per month.

  • Seen more of a bargain site, compared to Amazon.

  • Less visibility for sellers who can’t offer fast shipping.

  • When using the auction side of the site, like all auctions there are risks when using this as you might not get as much money as you would have thoughts.

Final verdict-

Both have different pros and cons and are good for different individual customers. For me Amazon just about shades it as they are starting to expand into more business areas and can see this meaning they start to entice more customers into them. For eBay you do get the feeling that it likes what it knows and knows what it likes. Which is good for a certain type of shopper but this is lagging behind Amazon is the creative department.

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