The Growth of Online Shopping

Posted by Paul on August 20, 2014

It's interesting to see such strong growth in ecommerce, but also that while bricks and mortar stores worry about "showrooming", such a thing exists as "webrooming".

Of course bricks and mortar stores do have higher overheads so showrooming is more of an issue for them but with increasingly advanced online shops, hosting and development costs, as well as more advanced systems and technology behind the website in the warehouse, "webrooming" is still an issue for online merchants who don't deliver cheaply enough or fast enough.

Today's infographic is kindly provided by and visually describes the growth of the ecommerce industry over the last 10 years.

SnapParcel are a new courier company based in Ireland who ship all over the world but with a focus on the Ireland/UK markets and very keen prices.


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