Why do you need a robots.txt file?

Posted by JackBudd on December 15, 2023

SEO can be complex at times, and the robots.txt file is an aspect that's very often overlooked, but extremely important for website optimisation.

What are Robots.txt files?

The robots.txt file is a simple text document that is located in your website's root directory. Think of it as a digital guidebook that instructs search engine crawlers on which pages or sections should not be shown to search engine crawlers. Here’s why this file could hold the key to boosting your site's SEO:

Controlling Indexing

A robots.txt file allows you to decide which parts of your site should be off-limits to search engine crawlers. It is your virtual "no entry" sign, guiding bots away from sensitive or irrelevant areas you'd rather keep hidden.

Google Search

Search engines, especially Google, are on the lookout for your website's robots.txt file. Without this, Google might consider this as a red flag and search engine crawlers, including Googlebot, will assume they have permission to crawl and index every bit of content on the site. Whether this aligns with the intentions of website owners is another matter altogether. It's crucial for website administrators to understand that having a well-crafted robots.txt file is not just a good practice but an essential tool for controlling how search engines interact with their site's content.

Enhancing SEO

A well-crafted robots.txt file is a great, strategic tool for optimising your website's SEO. By steering crawlers away from unnecessary areas, you not only protect your content but also ensure that what you want to showcase takes the main spotlight in search results.

In conclusion, the robots.txt file might be small, but its impact on your website's SEO is huge. It gives you the control to shape what search engines see and index, offering a precision that's crucial for a successful online presence. So don't underestimate the power of robots.txt. We recommend that you check to see if you have one today by searching www.(website name)/robots.txt, and if not, it’s important to get set up as soon as possible.

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