The Importance of Website/Server Monitoring

Posted by Paul on February 28, 2014

What is server/website monitoring? And why is it so important for ecommerce websites?

Server and website monitoring are two slightly different things. While many hosts have server monitoring in place, very few will actively monitor your website.

It's entirely possible for a website to go down, without being touched or edited and without the server itself going down. In this case the host won't know until you tell them and you won't know until you either check or get told by a customer.

While it's possible for you to keep an eye on your website, it's unlikely you'll be able to do this 24/7. And if your ecommerce site is busy, every single minute of down time could cost you.

This is why we developed an automated solution to make sure that your website is functional around the clock. And if it finds an error, our 24/7 team are alerted. Often they'll be able to fix any issues within minutes of getting the alert. All while you sleep soundly and orders continue to flow in.

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