Top 5 free OpenCart Extensions

Posted by AlexDobson on October 11, 2018

There are many different OpenCart extensions that range from $20 to $120 that cover a wide range of scenarios that can help your business. If OpenCart does not have an extension that suits your business needs then you can always get an OpenCart development company, such as ourselves, to build a customised extension. This pricing can vary depending on how complex the extension is to develop. However in this blog I am going to focus on our top 5 free extensions that OpenCart offers.

Antropy Error Log Trimmer- This extension will stop your log files from growing too large. Every time you sign into the admin area, it will automatically check the sizes of all the log files within the /system/logs/ directory. Without this extension, it's possible over time for your error log file to grow so large that it crashes PHP and your site will just display a blank screen. This is a very difficult issue to track down because most servers will just show "500 Internal Server Error" and won't even give you a file name or any clues about the actual error.

Custom text on product pages- this helps to add extra information for free and more benifically supports multiple languages.

Automatic Next Option Scroll for Product Options- Automatic option scroll for the product is a tiny free opencart extension by It provides automatic scrolling to next option as the user selects the option on products. Besides, when customer clicks add to cart without selecting options, it will scroll to the error automatically.

Apply coupon code at checkout page- If you are using default checkout system, coupon cannot be added to the checkout page. This extension helps you to add new block under payment method for applying coupon. Once you apply the coupon, the success and error message is displayed in the same step. This has been tested on default theme with default opencart checkout.

Hitachi Capital Pay by Finance- This extension integrates OpenCart with Hitachi Capital and allows users to make large orders and then repay the balance in monthly payments. This is a very useful extension as it gives your customers another option when buying a product.

If you need any help installing these free extension then we would be more than happy to help. If you have any questions about this then please do give me an email at

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