Top 5 Payment Gateway Extensions for OpenCart

Posted by AlexDobson on February 11, 2022

We often get clients ask us what is the best Payment Gateway Extension to use on OpenCart? So here is a rundown of who we would recommend and why:

  1. Stripe 

Pros - Developed by Jonathan at Clear Thinking who is a well regarded OpenCart Developer, highly customisable payment gateway extension, no monthly fees, competitive transaction fees and transparent pricing.

Cons - To undertake the customisations you need an OpenCart developer's expertise.

  1. PayPal Commerce Platform

Pros - Extension developed by OpenCart themselves, very well known so many customers use it, easy to setup, no contracts or exit fee,  OpenCart extension is free.

Cons - Getting the right package can be a hassle, sometimes the customer service can be found lacking, transaction fees are pretty high for low-volume merchants, PayPal is only customisable on the premium version. In addition it is not compatibale with Journal, which can be considered a serious drawback with the amount of OpenCart customers that use the theme!

  1. Opayo

Pros - Extension developed by OpenCart directly, OpenCart extension is free, flat monthly fees (no hidden costs), ability to directly record all sales and transactions directly into your Sage accounting software.

Cons - Need to make sure you have all the latest updates (Opayo Update Deadline), need a developers expertise for these updates, pricing can be hazy if you generate more than 3,000 transactions a month.

  1. Braintree

Pros - Developed by Jonathan at Clear Thinking, very customisable and powerful payment system, customers can store card details for future payments.

Cons - Not as well know as the other four, funds can sometimes be held for lengthy periods which means delays in receiving payments.

  1. Amazon Pay

Pros - Developed by iSense who are well regarded OpenCart developers, OpenCart extension is free, well known as many customers use Amazon, very easy to use for customers with an Amazon account.

Cons - Fees for low volumes merchants are very high, can take a while to get your account approved.

An honourable mentions should go to Square (no International payments available which is a big downside but very good for UK only services) and WorldPay (no well recommended OpenCart extensions & support can be frustrating to deal with). Please note these are just based on our experiences and we haven't mentioned exact pricing plans as you should get these directly from the companies mentioned above directly. 

Here is a useful blog on ‘How to Find Good Quality OpenCart Extensions’ where we have listed the top OpenCart developers we recommend.

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