Updated Error Log Trimmer Extension

Posted by AlexDobson on August 26, 2020

Three years ago we built an extension that trims your error log so that it doesn’t build up over time and potentially crash your site. This was originally built to be compatible for version 1.5 but we have now updated this to be compatible with version 3. 

This extension will prevent your log files from expanding too much. Every time you log into the admin area, it will habitually check the sizes of all the log files within the /system/logs/ directory. If any files are greater than ~5MB then it will trim away around 90% of the oldest messages.

All in all this extension will help prevent unwanted 500 errors and increase the speed of your site.

The blog Paul wrote three years ago highlights the specifics of the extension in more detail and this is a link to the extension for your perusal.

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