Using Facebook to Sell More Products is Easy

Posted by Paul on October 31, 2012

If you're already selling on eBay, Amazon or through your own website, increasing your sales through Facebook is actually pretty straight forward.

You don't even need to connect your shop to facebook with a fancy application - this is something a few of the big retailers tried (sometimes called f-commerce) but a lot of them have now removed this - you can't buy through the Tesco facebook page for example.

The reason for this is the way people use facebook. People might visit a company's facebook page once initially to "like" it, perhaps when they see a friend has "liked" it, but the chances are they won't go back there. Once they've "liked" the page, they have also "subscribed" to all posts that page makes. This is where the real value of having "likes" is.

If you're not familiar with facebook, the main feature of it is the "news feed" this is where updates from all of your friends scroll past. And this is also where posts from pages that you've "liked" scroll past. So here's your opportunity to build the relationship and sell to your "likers".

What to post?
Well B&Q do this well, it's topical, relevant and often (but not always features a link to their products).

B&Q Facebook Post Example

When to post?
It does matter when you post because there tends to be a lot of activity on facebook at certain times of day. People tend to check facebook before work, at lunchtime and when they get home. The good news is, you can use software such as to schedule your posts at those times, having written them when it's convenient to you.

Steps to Take

  1. Create a facebook page for your company here.

  2. Once you're logged in, get some initial likes by going to: Build Audience > Invite Friends.

  3. Add a cover photo and your logo.

  4. Make a post similar to the above with a featured product.

  5. Remember to view your web traffic to see if your facebook marketing is working (here's how).
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