What emails does your store send?

Posted by Paul on November 11, 2014

During the buying process, your customers will receive various email updates about the status of their order. Are you making the best use of these opportunities?

Here are some things you could implement that will increase revenue:

New Customer Sign-Up Email

Welcoming new customers with an offer can increase sales by 2 times.

Abandoned Cart Email

When a customer abandons their purchase at the checkout, it's not always because they decided to buy elsewhere. An email reminder can bring them back when they're ready.

Order Confirmation

These emails are read by almost everyone and are a good chance to increase social media followers.

Shipping Confirmation

Adding cross-sells to this email can get you an extra 20% in sales.

Product Review

Don't send this email too early, be sure the customer has had a chance to use the item. Many customers appreciate this pro-active approach and are pleased that you care.

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