What Is Gogs and Why We Use It

Posted by AlexDobson on July 8, 2022

When you either have a retainer, work hourly (only possible if you host with us) or have a long prepaid block of time and have a lot of tasks to complete each month; the easiest way we find to group them together and keep track of the individual jobs is by using a system called Gogs.

What is Gogs?

It is a self-hosted open-source projects system that works in a similar way to Github but we find it is a lot more flexible to use and thus have tailored it specifically to our needs.

How to use Gogs?

Firstly once you have enough tasks and work with us in the above ways then we will create your own repository within Gogs. This will allow both parties to post tasks by clicking “New Issue”.


In the task description you will need to give us as much detail as possible. Once the task has been created we get an email notification and one of the team will get assigned to the task in hand. 


A thread will then get created and we will get an email notification every time a new post has been submitted. This means that all correspondence about the task can be viewed in an orderly fashion as opposed to trawling through various emails.


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