What's the Quickest Way to Install OpenCart?

Posted by Paul on July 15, 2016

If you're looking to get a functional ecommerce website up and running very quickly, one of the fastest ways is to get some web hosting that provides cPanel (such as ours here) and use the Softaculous installer. You'll be able to very easily add your logo and PayPal address and start taking payments immediately. Here's how ...


1. Login to cPanel

These details should have been provided by your hosting company and you'll usually login by going to www.yourwebsite.com/cpanel

cPanel Login


2. Click the Softaculous Icon



3. Find "OpenCart" in Softaculous

OpenCart Softaculous


4. Fill out this form (or accept the defaults) and click "Install" at the bottom

Softaculous Settings


5. Softaculous will give you a link to the front of your shop and the admin area


6. Login and start adding products!



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