Why Do We Ask Clients to Buy Extensions?

Posted by AlexDobson on October 26, 2020

When we are putting together a proposal or talking to clients about projects, one questions always crops up when talking about extensions… "‘Why do we have to buy the extension’?" Then the subsequent follow up question "‘Can you not buy the extension and just add it to the final price’?" Well in this blog I hope to highlight why we always ask clients to buy extensions and why there is a method to our madness.

  1. The extension will be in your name. This means that if you need the extension ID when speaking to the extension developer down the line you will have it to hand. In addition, you will have received all email receipts and details to your email address for archiving and future reference

  2. If you need to get a refund on the extension, it will be credited to you, not back to the Agency.

  3. Extensions can't be transferred between accounts once bought. So if the agency has bought it, then it stays in their name.

  4. You can re-download an updated extension rather than having to go back through the Agency.

  5. If you want the extension developer to undertake any work then the extension is already in your name and you do not have to get all the information from the agency, which then leads to a lengthy 3-way conversation.

  6. Years down the line, if you start working with a new agency then you don’t have to ask your old agency for all the details on your extensions.

Any extension that you want installing or configuring we can do for a minimum charge of £50 (subject to a review of what extension you want to be installed) and all we ask is that you buy the extension and send the files to us via Smash or WeTransfer.
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