Why It's OK to Split Projects into Phases

Posted by AlexDobson on February 16, 2020

It is a common myth that if you have a lot of work to complete that this will mean that it has to be done all together in one large project. If you have a list of requirements that can be broken down, then it makes sense to put these into a Phase 1 & Phase 2. So what should this consist of?

Phase 1:

These are the issues or fixes that need prioritising. For example, making the site mobile friendly or serious validation errors. I.e. Phase 1 should be prioritised for things that could stop customers from making purchases or staying on the website.

Phase 2:

Still important but can wait until the completion of Phase 2. Adding a new tab or adding social media icons. Phase 2 should be things that are not mission-critical but more an additional convenience to make the site better. 

Splitting up the tasks into phases can also make the project more manageable all round. It means that a smaller task list will be completed quicker and keeps the cost down for the client.

It just shows that not everything has to be done all at once and actually for the right project and right company, splitting up the tasks into separate phases makes a lot of sense.

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