Why use Concrete5 over WordPress?

Posted by AlexDobson on July 21, 2021

When it comes to Ecommerce stores, OpenCart is of course our go-to but when the site does not need to sell online and is merely looking for an online presence, then we always go for Concrete5. Although WordPress is probably the most commonly used platform in the world, in this blog we put forward the pros and cons of using the underrated Concrete5 platform over WordPress. 

C5 Pros


  • Much more secure than WordPress.
  • Much more intuitive to use with on-page editing.
  • Designed to be client friendly.
  • Aimed at the enterprise market.
  • Already fully optimised for SEO.
  • Concrete5 has excellent caching built-in so it runs super-fast.
  • Full of features.
  • Concrete5 is more point-and-click; you want to move something, you click it and drag it with the mouse. Whereas in WordPress you would have to go to the admin and manually make the changes.
  • Concrete5 is designed to be a CMS, whereas WordPress was originally designed to be a Blog.

WP Pros


  • Very popular which means more people know how to use it, in turn a larger community on forums to help.
  • This also means more extensions being made and readily available.
  • Many off the shelf themes to choose from.

C5 Cons


  • Not many off the shelf themes to choose from.
  • Very quiet on the forums and not much of a community to help with issues aside from developers.

WP Cons


  • Not very secure as a platform, without the right security the website is prone to hacks.
  • Constantly needs updating.
  • Large reliance on plugins (which does mean conflicts) such as:
  • Only basic SEO functionality that needs to be fleshed out with plugins.
  • WordPress requires plugins to cache and even then can still be slow.
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