Why You Should Also Be Selling On Ebay

Posted by Paul on May 18, 2012

If you're already selling online with OpenCart or another shopping cart platform, it may be worth also selling through ebay to increase your sales.

You may be concerned that appearing on ebay will devalue your brand or that ebay is only good for selling at the lowest possible prices but this isn't totally true. Many big brands now also sell directly through ebay and people on ebay are still willing to pay a bit more for a seller with good feedback and a quality product.

Of course it's not totally straight forward to begin selling on ebay, the listing process itself takes a while to get used to and there are plenty of little tricks that need to be learned to optimise your sales, but the effort will pay off.

You'll find that once you've got used to listing on ebay and started to get some good feedback that you've opened up a vast global market place with little start-up cost and that also generates interest in your brand and ultimately your website itself.

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