Get Laid BedsGet Laid Beds Website Case Study

For this project Get Laid Beds, our team was tasked with providing assistance in moving the client's server from a shared hosting platform to a dedicated server, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition. Our expertise in server migration allowed us to complete it with ease and without complication.

In addition to the server migration, we were tasked with incorporating Sagepay Direct over the client's current standard Sagepay, ensuring that the system was secure with an SSL certificate and PCI compliant.

One of the key features of this project was the custom payment extension that we developed. This extension allowed our client to charge differential rates for different card types, including a percentage for credit cards and no rate for debit. This feature was built using vqmod and had editable fields in the admin, making it easy for the client to use and manage.

Another key aspect of this project was setting up a blog page using WordPress. We were able to integrate the blog seamlessly into the client's current footer, headers and layout under Opencart, while still maintaining a professional and consistent look and feel.

Lastly, we created a custom delivery extension that allowed the client to offer flexible and convenient delivery options to their customers. The pricing was based on speed, with options for < 48hr, < 7 days, < 14 days, and >14 days for orders on hold. The customer was able to choose a future delivery date, and we created a date picker for delivery. The delivery module was visible in the checkout, delivery page, and shopping cart, making it easy for customers to estimate shipping costs.