HawkinsFullsize-min.jpgCase Study for Hawkins Hobbies Website

Case Study:
The Hawkins Hobbies website was rebuilt using OpenCart version 3.0.3, with a focus on upgrading from a previous version of OpenCart and applying a revamp of the site at the same time. For SEO reasons, we maintained as much of the existing URL structure and page content but added 301 redirects where required.

Our team set up a development environment and utilized our iStore theme, customizing only the colour scheme and font to match the previous website.

We installed our Error Log and EU VAT extensions without making any modifications to their code, as well as a Category & Product-Based Shipping Extension.

The client's preferred payment options of PayPal Standard and Square were enabled in the OpenCart admin. Additionally, the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express icons from the previous website were carried over to the new design, and SEO-friendly URLs, robots.txt files, and the sitemap were configured.