onionrs_full-min.pngOnion Reporting Software Case Study

Antropy is proud to showcase our recent project for the Onion Reporting Software website. The goal of the project was to rebuild the website on OpenCart version, while maintaining the current website's URL structure and page content for SEO purposes.

Our team implemented a number of technical capabilities to ensure the success of the project. We carefully planned and executed the URL structure, implementing 301 redirects for any changes made. Additionally, we utilized our own Antropy iStore theme, which can be found on the OpenCart marketplace. The theme was carefully chosen to provide an attractive, user-friendly design that aligns with the client's brand and goals.

To ensure the security of the website, we implemented advanced captcha and installed an extension provided by the client. We also transferred several custom modules from the current site, including Change-banktransfernarr, Change-ordernotification, and Change-showsalesorderstats. However, the opencart v1 responsive theme module was not necessary as the iStore theme is already responsive.

The client requested that PayPal be the only payment method available on the website, so we ensured that the PayPal Standard module was enabled. Additionally, we turned on SEO-friendly URLs, configured robots.txt and sitemap.xml, and completed a thorough data migration of customers, orders, homepage content, products, categories, and information pages.