vbox_full.pngRaceLogic Website Case Study

This case study describes the design and building of a new e-commerce website for a company called RaceLogic and its VBOX products.

The design of the website was based on the Antropy iStore theme, which was adjusted to match the aesthetic of the company's main website. The theme was purchased by the client and not included in the proposal cost.

The design featured categories in the top navigation bar that could be added or removed via the admin once the website was built. The design process included two rounds of feedback for the Home Page and Product/Category pages, with a total of 4 hours allocated for each round.

Once the designs were approved, the team began to build the templates for the website by adjusting the iStore theme to match the approved designs.

The website was rebuilt on OpenCart, with the URL structure and most of the page content of the current website being kept for SEO purposes.

The team installed several extensions provided by the client, including