sparks_full_new.jpgSparks Direct Case Study

This project was a continuation of the sparksdirect website OpenCart Upgrade project, with the objective of rebuilding the website to the latest version of OpenCart. The second phase of the project involved the porting of additional functionality and the design and implementation of a new theme for the website.

The project covered various features, including adjustments to the storefront category page to display the category’s image and description, as well as the retrieval and display of subcategories as a grid of thumbnail images with the category title. We also added an extra field for RSP Price in the admin panel product editor, allowing for the display of a product's RSP price in strike-through style along with the savings.

We also implemented the addition of YouTube videos to the product pages, allowing for the embedding of YouTube videos in the product pages. The product attributes were also upgraded, adding functionality for the addition of attributes from a particular attribute group to a product and allowing for the selection of existing attribute values.

Other features included adjustments to the product meta tag title/description, allowing for products with empty meta tag fields to display the product name, and adjustments to the manufacturers' page to allow for the display of manufacturers in the footer of the site.