cjb-large.jpgWholesale Beads Case Study

Antropy completed an overhaul of two OpenCart e-commerce websites for Wholesale Beads. The existing websites had a large number of products and categories, but despite significant development efforts, they still suffered from lag, negatively impacting sales. Our goal was to replicate the functionality of the website while significantly improving its speed.

We set up OpenCart in our development environment and rebuilt the current theme based on the default OpenCart theme. This ensured that the website would run faster, had a high conversion rate, and was simple and compatible with third-party extensions. We also created new designs for the websites.

We transferred data from the previous installation, including products, categories, customers, orders, and blog articles. Our work also included duplicating key features such as the ability to edit invoices, pages, and products. We installed an admin area product editor extension to allow quick filtering and editing, adjusted to include MPN editing. We also set up and configured OpenBay Pro and installed extensions to amend menus and add a blog.

The blog extension allows OC users to add, edit, and delete blog articles, have a profile picture, and have a WYSIWYG editor for inserting images, links, and PDFs. The blog's front-end includes a list of recent articles with a title, date, thumbnail, and short description, allowing users to filter articles by tag and comment using Disqus.

In addition, we installed advanced reports, NitroPack Cache, and made some adjustments to the website to ensure its speed and performance.