How to Contact OpenCart Extension Support

Posted by AlexDobson on November 1, 2022

We always ask clients to buy extensions for various different reasons and our blog Why do we ask Clients to Buy Extensions highlights this. If you do have any questions or issues with the extension you purchased, here is a guide into how to you contact extension support within your OpenCart marketplace account:

1) First of all, within your account you will need to click on “Your Downloads”.


2) Click on “Go To Extension Page”.


3) On the extension page go to “Get Support”.


4) On the contact form, fill in the questions presented including giving your order ID (found in your orders) and as much information about the issue or question you may have.


Doing it this way, instead of going directly to the extension developer, will mean that OpenCart will follow up with the ticket which increases your chances of getting a speedy response. If you are wondering which developers you should use when purchasing an extension, here is a list of Good OpenCart Extension Developers we would recommend.

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