How to Send an Opencart Extension to Us?

Posted by AlexDobson on April 4, 2022

So as per a previous blog of ours, we always ask clients to buy extensions and the reasons for that can be found here - Why do we ask Clients to Buy Extensions? However, in this blog I want to highlight how you go about sending the extensions to us.

Our first preference is to always use file transfer software such as Smash or WeTransfer. This allows you to send larger files such as extensions straight to us. Unfortunately the majority of extension files are simply too large to send via email, so this is the best alternative.

If you are having problems with sending the extensions through either of these file transfer sites, then the other alternative is to provide us with your OpenCart account logins and we download the extension for you. However, this is a more long winded way of doing it as in order to access the files we need the following:

  • Your OpenCart Store Email
  • Password
  • Pin

This can take quite a bit of back and forth if you are not sure on these, hence why we always prefer option 1.

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