Blocks of Hours vs Support Retainers vs Fixed Price

Posted by AlexDobson on May 6, 2022

So we have a number of different ways of working on a project basis with clients. In this blog I will highlight the different ways we can tackle your project:

Block of Hours - this is really useful if you are looking for work to be completed quickly but don’t want to be tied into a support retainer. We get a block of time raised and once paid we can start work straight away. These blocks of time start from 3 hours at our hourly rate of £90+VAT. You have 6 months to use the block of time once the invoice has been raised which gives you ample time to use the time up. Please note for this you are paying for the block of time, not the task in hand and more blocks of time may need to be purchased if needed.

Support Retainer - the retainer is brilliant for ongoing work on a monthly basis. These start from 3 hours and can be used for the undertaking of your development and design needs. You need to be signed up to the retainer for a minimum of 3 months but really most of our clients use this on an all year basis with regular monthly work.

Fixed Price - a fixed price project is very useful if you have a specific budget in mind or for larger project such as an OpenCart rebuild whereby a Project Proposal is necessary. A Project Proposal is required for any project that is priced over £500 and this outlines exactly what we will be undertaken for the project in question. Unlike the other two ways of working, this is normally for a one off stand-alone project. 

If you have any questions about any of these above or have a project in mind to discuss, then please do email us at

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